A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Click on the image or the link here to check out our Kickstarter Campaignhttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/codev/silver-line

The project is in development, if you find any glitches or bugs and wish to report them to the dev. You can find us on discord or twitter!


Don't hesitate to share your thoughts on the demo. :D 

Silver:Line is fantasy visual novel created by our small development team at Codev Productions. Unlike most stories where you play as the main hero, here, you are part of the supporting cast in everyone else’s stories. Your choices will lead you through their lives, and your decisions will have a great impact on how their stories unfold.

Recruited as an imperial scholar serving the crown of Lucarene, you lead a peaceful life at the castle, responsible for researching, tracking, and recording everything there is to know about the royal city. Living a life you once thought you could only ever dream of, you wouldn’t change anything for the world. But as fate would have it, you’re thrown into a turmoil of events where you’re pinned as a scapegoat and forced to flee the country, running for your very life. You set off on a journey, featuring a colourful cast and new horizons.

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 The demo is available for Windows and MacOS [32bit and 64bit]

  • 1 hour and 45 minutes of gameplay [2 hours and more if you try every choice] 
  • Fully voiced by our amazing cast [Full game will only be partially voiced unless stretch goal is reached.] 
  • 11 CGs included.

Known bugs for build 1.8.7

  • Loading a save that was saved on a choice might freeze the game
  • Excessive tabbing in and out causes framedrops
  • Volume control glitches from time to time [Try dragging from the very end if the slider isn't working for you] 
  • Some has experienced lag after loading a game.
  • Restart game if your save file froze the game [Sometimes it takes a couple of tries]

 Silver:Line is rich in story and the player's choice is vital. But here comes the twist, unlike the traditional story, your character isn't the star of the show, but instead, they support the cast and join them on their adventures. 

 The fantasy premise will draw you into a world of possibilities. 

Pick your main character! 

6 characters of various archetype for you to choose from. Silver:Line has cast that are closely knit, you'll get to experienced not just your budding relationship with your desired character but also see how they all grow with each other's dynamic.

Since you have the choice to pick your main character's gender, the team wants to make sure that the player's choice isn't just for aesthetic purposes, so er made sure that the characters will have different reactions or moments depending on the main character you choose.

And yes, you can romance them regardless of your gender. 


SilverLine_Windows64bit_1.8.7.zip 628 MB
SilverLine_Windows32bit_1.8.7.zip 625 MB
SilverLine_MacOS64bit_1.8.7.zip 644 MB
SilverLine_MacOS32bit_1.8.7.zip 644 MB
SilverLine_PressKit.zip 114 MB

Development log


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It has been five years since the release of the demo ...


So, it's safe to say this game is dead 😔 what a shame


This had so much potential and could of been extremely popular compared to other vns. I think there was a good balance between plot and relationship/character development that many other visual novels lack. Not to mention the voice acting??? Hopefully my imagination can fill in the blanks but thats a lot of blanks to fill.


Came back after 3 years only to learn that this entire project is ded? Σ(°ロ°)


Yeah the creator must have ran off with the money what a shame :(


Indeed,  I feel sorry for the people that spent money to support this project :(


Horrible Code V dev refused to answer any messages and the rest of the staff haven't been active on Discord since last year. This game is dead.

Great, beautiful, I'll never back any KS games ever again.


Someone on the KS commented with "On Discord, one of them devs confirmed almost everybody on the team has tried to contact Code V(main dev) and didn't get any reply. It's safe to say he either died or run away with $$$."
Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/codev/silver-line/comments

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I have to ask Is there something unique about the main protagonist That is not apparent in the story yet?

Just started playing this game. Did not know about kickstarter.

Deleted post

Vaporware confirmed. Regret backing this

How do u download on chromebook?


RIP another great game that will never see the light of day </3


No updates at all on Kickstarter, or on here, of the status.  Last one last year on KS was in May.


The story and everything is nice and all but the game is extremely glitchy, especially if you wanna try all options. It's a pain to load the game coz the screen gets stuck on the load game screen and there's no rollback so you have to save the game but it's hard to load it. Sometimes the game gets stuck on a certain screen. I really do like the story and animations and voice acting but I'm not sure if it worth the constant glitching coz it takes away from the experience. Hope the issue gets fixed coz otherwise this is a great game


Still no updates eh. :(


Lots of characters and many relationships! We like visual novels just like that and within secrets! 🍷🍹

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Sabre's sprite looks kinda weird. He looks kinda stiff/tense.  Comparing him to the others's sprites I noticed that Sabre's head is lower and it's near the same line as the shoulders. Moving his head higher than it is right now would make him a bit more relaxed (and handsome to look at). And the chest looks weird too, the breast line isn't visible and it just looks odd (or it's just that the abs n stuff are too low, hard to tell).

Sorry if this sounds mean, but it just frustrates me that the sprite doesn't do justice for the art. I very much enjoy everything else.


I tried the demo on mac os catalina; and really love it.  cant wait to have the full game.  the story is intriguing.


I loved this demo, the story is really interesting and the characters too. I'm looking forward to play the rest, in the meantime I guess I'll just replay it making all the choices


I can't open the game for some reason? It says that I don't have the access to open it :(( does anyone know how to fix that?


It's good so far, only the "loading screens of blackness" are really  destroying immersion since it suddenly cuts of the story and music out of nowhere. 


from what i was able to play from the demo, it seems super interesting and im in love with the voice acting (especially lucas' and gilbert's lol,, also, jonah scott as Sabre???!! oML im living), the art is beautiful and the story is amazing! (it felt different not being the trope like most VNs, i like it).

for now though, i think i'll be waiting for full game release, or possibly a bug fix? it's an amazing game, im happy there's VNs who let you choose the gender of protag (which im starting to run low on bc im waiting on most of them for their next chapter in the next month or so), but there's a couple of issues with loading, volume and stuff like that.  and my game kept freezing on my choice of what to say during this certain interaction between MC, Lucas and Kitsune; only the music played on. 

im excited to see what the full game looks like, or the demo if theres a bug fix!


The game is kinda laggy sometimes, BUT ITS STILL SO FREAKIN GOOD!!! So sad its a demo, hope to see the full thing someday!!! UwU's and OwO's to you!


I did the demo and look forward to the release of the game, especially meeting Nathaniel. Im curious to see their adventures and how our decisions impact the story line. The only thing that bothers me is that for some reason it hurts my eyes and feels like theirs a grey film over everything. I think it may  be due to the brush strokes being softer but Im not sure.


Is this project dropped? This game looks really good.


I dont think so because they mentioned on May 4th that they were facing some problems but were still doing it on kickstarter...

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Hi. Played the demo and it got me hooked. There are a few minor issues though. Sometimes I can only click on the text box and not anywhere else in the window if I want to continue the text. Sometimes I can click outside the box to continue and sometimes I can't. Also, in the Estelle teaser, Harrision yells "There you are. Gaurds, they're in here!" 3 times. Also, the speed controls and the volume  controls aren't working for me. They don't increase nor decrease.  Lucas is the best btw. Love all the characters already. 


I just figured out how the speed controls work. Just drag from the very end of the of the slider. I didn't read the list of bugs that the game has above. The other problems are still there though. For some reason, the skip button doesn't work, yet I've seen playthroughs of the demo where it does. I don't know why. : (


Hiiiiii I downloaded the demo and I'm loving it <3 I just wanted to report a little bug that I've been encountering: Almost every time I try to load an old save the game gets stuck right on the 'are you sure you want to load?' window.


Omg the fact that you can choose your gender I- 😭 I love this already

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Is the full game released yet?


not yet, the dev said in kickstarter that the release will be delayed until november 2021 or february 2022 so we'll just have to wait then:(

oh poo :(

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I wonder about that since their last update is Dec 2019, it late April 2020 already and not even a update? Seriously?

me too :( im really looking forward to this game. but we'll just have to wait i guess :((

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It May 2022 and still no update... I knew it.

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Hello! I've been wondering, are you going to create a version for Android users to download the game? (APK)


Hello will the full version be free for the public or it would be paid one ?

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Obviously it will be commerical if it release


I love the diverse set of characters, the art, and the voice casting. I'm not sure if it's intended, but I found some humorous moments here and there, such as Kitsune's gentle voice contrasting with what she's saying. ("You can't get rid of me that easily." "I like him. Can we keep him?") And it's pretty cool how Sabre's not only flirtatious, but very merchant-like as well. His sales hooks killed me.

(Also, I'm shipping multiple characters lol. Amaris with Kitsune, Kitsune with Sabre, Sabre with the MC, the MC with Lucas. Probably the only ones I don't ship are Amaris with Sabre/Lucas.)


This is such a great game, the character designs and personalities are amazing, the graphics are beautiful, the story line is interesting. I can't wait until this game is fully done !


I found this in the kickstarter: 



And I know what tier I want (S$ 75, to have beta access), but I have a doubt.
In the kicstarter the type of currency is S$ while in paypa you are asked for it in RM...

And I admit that I am a little uneducated on this subject, not to say that my type of money is the Euro (€)...

For the tier of S$ 75, how much and what kind of money should I transfer in your paypal?


I have played it and I have been absolutely fascinated and in love with your game.

The art is beautiful, the story interesting, and the endearing characters further increase the enjoyment of the game.

The only thing I regret is missing the kickstarter, and losing the opportunity to buy rewards or beta access.

I still have those options available?

(I can pay)


I loved it! All the characters are great. I'm a winner in life, so I was late for kickstarter( *cry* Tell me, please, are there any plans for the future release of the game in steam? I'm sorry if you answered the question earlier.

I love the idea going on, and I really want to play the demo, but my computer won't open it. whether I double-click or manually open it, I always get this Finder message:

Any ideas for what might be causing this?? when i pick that little question mark on the corner it gives me no info so i'm a bit confused on what's not letting it open. This happens with both the 32 and 64 bit versions, and my computer is a Mac if that helps.

Nevermind, I figured out the problem, the program unpacking the zip file was messing it up.

If anyone experiences issues with getting internet-downloaded games to run, find a computer app called 'The Unarchiver' and install and use it to open the zip files. I do this now and it works for a variety of different itch.io games.


I stumbled across this game looking for a different game. I was thinking about playing this game and installed it. I love it so much! I can't wait to play what other games you make next.

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